a piece of Tuscany for your home...

With “Rent a Tree” you bring a piece of Tuscany into your home and thus your own olive oil into your kitchen. You receive the annual yield of oil from your rented olive tree (of course in the usual LIFEenJOY quality) and also contribute to a constantly growing agriculture, as a new tree is planted for every rented tree. After the fresh harvest, the subscription expires automatically, but can of course be extended at any time.

With “Rent a Tree” – your own olive tree and the oil extracted from it – you bring healthy and sustainable food to your home in a simple and uncomplicated way, while also creating additional living space for more sustainability and ecology.

“Rent a Tree” is also perfect as a gift, because with the tree rental you have the opportunity to name the olive tree according to your wishes (this name will then also be published on our homepage) and you will receive a certificate and a picture of your chosen tree together with the oil in exclusive packaging.

“Rent a Tree” – the gift idea with added value!

Click here to see the four plots of land on which our RENT A TREE olive trees stand.

As the oil yield varies according to the size of the tree, you will also find the guaranteed oil yield for each tree. The exact path of your olive oil – from the tree to the bottle, so to speak – can be found here.