simply the perfect complement...


As many of our oil customers have asked for a high-quality balsamic vinegar to complement our GREEN GOLD, we set off in search of one in Modena. The finest balsamic vinegar – our BLACK GOLD – is now produced there exclusively for LIFEenJOY.

Only organically grown Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes are used for this, which are harvested by hand from August to October and gently pressed into grape must.

When processing grape must, a distinction is made between reduced and cooked grape must. The must reduced under vacuum is honey-yellow, mild, very sweet and has a low flavor volume. In contrast, must that has been slowly reduced at higher temperatures is dark, tastes distinctly of caramel and has a creamy consistency as well as a high flavor volume. In terms of quality, it is clearly superior to the reduced must. To achieve a rounded taste, we use a high proportion of the cooked must. Fermentation is stimulated by the addition of 10-year-old wine vinegar. Our LIFEenJOY blend is then stored in oak barrels for 5 years.

No sugar is added to a genuine “Aceto Balsamico di Modena”. Grapes naturally contain fructose, which increases many times over during the fermentation process. Sugar is only added to industrially produced and cheap products in order to achieve the sweet taste (which would otherwise result from years of storage). Indications of a high-quality balsamic vinegar are the color intensity, a strong and thick consistency and a balanced ratio of sweetness and acidity.


As a good balsamic vinegar has matured for a few years, it can be stored without any problems after opening. However, if other ingredients are added to it, its shelf life is reduced. Otherwise, our balsamic vinegar will keep for several years. As with olive oil, it is important to store it correctly. Balsamic vinegar is best stored in the kitchen at room temperature. It is important that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Close the bottle tightly after each use. It can happen that small crystals form on the vinegar or that small pieces of the good vinegar mother are found in the bottles. However, this is a sign of quality and that it really is a pure natural product.


Here are a few more ideas for using our BLACK GOLD:

  • Our Balsamico di Modena is ideal as a marinade for all salads, tomato mozzarella,… as well as for refining sauces.

  • Our Condimento Balsamico Bianco also tastes excellent as a salad marinade and, thanks to its sweet note, is perfect for all bitter-tasting salads (such as endive, chicory…) and is also very popular for refining sauces.

  • Our Balsamic Glaze is often used to refine tomato mozzarella, vegetables, meat and fish as well as sauces due to its sweet, thick consistency. It is also ideal as a topping/dip for cheese platters, berries or ice cream.

  • Our Balsamic Pearls are little explosions of flavor that can be used as a garnish and refinement for any salad, main course or dessert.

  • In general, there are no limits to your own creativity – anything that tastes good goes!